Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Snow Kiddies!

Too much fun today! We are taking full advantage of this special treat from God!


Derek and Betsy said...

Snow in NC; it's a beautiful and scary thing. It's hard to believe we will get to 70 today in Colorado...DW

Anonymous said...

This fellow Colorado girl, living in the South is very envious! We are missing snow sooo much! If it's gonna be this cold, it should at least snow!! ~ I'm catching up on blogs...loved God's provision for an interpreter for Amber...soo cool! And I just started the Esther study yesterday...it's good, isn't it!! I'm so excited--Beth Moore is one of my heros! (And she is going to be 1 minute from my house this weekend!!) Connected to a lot of your posts and thought I'd write! ;-)~Kristin