Sunday, January 18, 2009

Signing for Amber

I had a lady stop me at church today once I had picked up the girls.

She starts telling me that she'd noticed I'd signed with Amber and was curious about the situation. She wanted to get my permission first, but wanted to get the ok from the children's ministry director to interpret for Amber during kids worship!

At this church, they have their Sunday school classrooms, but then all the classes get together for singing and story time sometime during the hour.

This lady, Rebecca, told me that she has s degree in interpreting but hasn't used it in years and has been wanting to get back into it! When she noticed Amber, she thought maybe she could help us out.

Do you know what that does for a mom who has a kids with any kind of extra need? That someone sees that and steps in?! It's almost too much to comprehend...especially the more I thank God for it. The more I realize that HE knew the need for Amber and provided a solution!!

Thank you God for taking care of your little give her someone who will help Amber to understand you even more.

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Holly said...

...and thank you that Amber is who she is for the 'lady' - when we are using our gifts, we are closest to Christ and because of Amber, 'lady' can be closer to Christ!!!

too too too too cool.