Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Preparing for Battle...

OK - Deep breath.
Let it out - don't worry...I've brushed my teeth...but probably have chocolate coffee breath.
Get very familiar with the armor of God.


Here we go. Our first North Carolina battle with the school district and Amber's school. They have decided to take her lovely little class for the HEARING impaired, where they are all making progress, into a cross-categorical 3 year old class for 3 year olds who are NOT hearing impaired, but have severe autism or downs or other disabilities. Adding 8 (!!!) 3 year olds to a kindergarten/1st grade class.

Deep breath.

This is a serious battle. Very serious. I'm not a good fighter...I back down amicably a lot. But on so many levels this is not ok! Not for the sweet kids they want to add, and not to the sweet kids who are there.

I don't want to sound like I'm against exposure to other kids with different disabilities - please don't take it that way - because that's not the case...at all. I know they need a place and I know that their parents are probably excited that the school district is making a place for them. But mixing these kids in this kind of an environment isn't beneficial for anyone. Except the school district who doesn't want to pay additional teachers to teach these kiddos appropriately.

Deep breath.

it begins.


Leslie Jackson said...

Here is my email: lesliepjackson@gmail.com

I am a former Sign Language interpreter. I know from my experience in the school system that they have to provide a "Least Restrictive Environment" for students with disabilities. (Yes, hearing limitations are disabilities, but they don't really stop the students from doing anything!)

Are they putting a teacher of the deaf in there with them? Are they putting an interpreter in there with them? If so, what qualifications does that interpreter have?

Sorry... you don't even know me and I am getting up in your business. I just know that some school systems (especially in NC) love to screw with the things that are right and make them wrong!

I hope to hear from you soon!


Sarah said...

What an important fight you have on your hands. Keep me posted on how to best pray. You don't have to fight alone!

Naomi said...

Ok, I had to read the second paragraph three times before I understood the story (maybe I have a disability), but I completely agree with you. What they're doing isn't right at all. If they're going to integrate classes, why don't they put hearing impaired kids with the regular kindergarten class kids? I would be fuming if I were you too. Can you try to team up with other parents of the kid's in her class? Maybe write a letter. Yeah, you've got a daunting battle... but remember, Amber IS in God's hands- he won't let her get lost in the crowd.