Friday, January 2, 2009

Post Christmas

Is it done yet? Can I return to my normal chaos? phew...what a whirlwind couple of weeks. It was all great. My folks were here, my brother was here, Eric barely worked. I had time alone, and time saturated with love. I even had a dinner & movie date with Eric.

But now, I'm ready for a couple of quiet days of down time with nowhere to go, nothing to do, no people to have to see. School starts on Monday and I'm looking forward to just a couple of days with me and the kids. I hope I spend my time wisely.

Eric headed to New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl today and will be gone until Monday. He and his college roommate and going together, because their other college roommate is one of the coaches for Utah. I'm glad he gets to go and have a guys weekend.

Here are a couple of pictures of Christmas. It was great, but I'm glad it's done.
Decorating the tree:
Look!! I baked with my kids!! It's a rarity around here!!
Advent calendar with Mimi:
Christmas Story with Grandad:
Is there anything cuter?
Seriously...Josh was holding them back until we were ready!
Josh gave Eric a pair of flip flops, and used an old pizza box to wrap them in! It was hysterical!
Using their new umbrellas while watching their new Veggie Tales.


Holly said...

that looked fun!
It was great to see the back of Josh (his snowboard is a part of my dating story with Jake!)
and umbrella's rock - we have a couple and they are hours of entertainment!
LOVE the pic of the kids under the tree!

Naomi said...

I love the new look of your page! Especially the picture at the top!