Friday, January 23, 2009

100 Things

Camryn doesn't really have homework, but she gets "Sara" posted below.

Well, now they are doing a project to celebrate the 100th day of school. "Have your child collect 100 things then then display them creatively." That's the basic jist.

OH..."Help your child be creative in deciding what to collect...but let this be THEIR project." Am I the only one who thinks this is a bit ridiculous in many ways for a 5 year old? Maybe I'm just not in the mood to do a 100 piece project right now. And I must say....I have been very good at helping some and helping contain the ideas...but still letting her do most of these.

I gave her ideas like 100 things that look like a "C"....or 100 leaves or 100 horses or 100 pieces of candy or something.

I like the "C" idea. Maybe I'll give her the camera and we'll take a field trip and I'll let her take pictures of everything that she thinks looks like a "C". Then we'll print them out and decorate something with it.

Any other ideas??


Leslie Jackson said...

You could always do 100 feet of something... like string or yarn...and find something interesting to create out of it or wrap it around.

Holly said...

I'm with you that this doesn't sound 'educational' and I especially hate it when it's supposed to be totally thiers but look like you did it! but whatever - sounds more fun to me than anything and I LOVE the camera idea.
(And she needs a picture of herself in there ;-)

Derek and Betsy said...

I remeber this with Morgan. I think we did 100 peices of candy. Good luck! DW

Naomi said...

Oh, that C idea is GREAT. ROcket had this project last year for the 100th day of school too. He chose to do a 100 eyed monster. He cut out 100 eyes out of a magazine and then glued them onto a monster he drew on poster board. He was really creative, but it looked kindof bad. And as he was walking to school, eyes were falling off everywhere. Sometimes I still find eyes in our car. I hope they didn't count.