Friday, December 5, 2008

Thanksgiving in Cincinnati

Has a great ring to it, huh?!

It was actually really nice. It was a 9 hour drive with 3 kids and 2 dogs. And they were all amazing! We didn't even have a DVD player in the car! Just good old fashioned, coloring, reading, toys and special blankets! Plus there's a huge difference between driving 9 hours from North Carolina through mountains and town and cities, and over rivers and beautiful countryside....and driving through Kansas for 9 hours. Need I say more?

We spent a week in Cincinnati with Eric's dad. I got to see my bestest friend, Michele McGuire, for a couple of days and meet her new boyfriend...who is the best one she's ever had. I hadn't seen Michele in over a year so it was wonderful to see her. We also saw some of Eric's friends and their kids, and that was great too. We spent a lot of time...obviously...with Eric's dad. We also spent Thanksgiving with Eric's 2 grandmothers, one who is 89 and one who is 97! And one of his aunts.

We went to the amazing Children's Museum and to the zoo lights. We ate a lot of really good food...but somehow didn't gain 15 lbs!
Here are some pics. The story about the tree in the pictures is that it was bought by Eric's grandmother, in memory of his mom, and it's planted by the lake that is right by their cottage. It's a weeping cherry. I thought it'd be good if we all took pics by it.


Derek Weber said...

Great pictures. I hope you all had a good time. Your dad just shared your blog site with me. I was not aware you had a blog. I will check this site for updates.


Carolyn Mitts said...

Good to see the family again since that first time in the hospital with the twins. Eric just got your family blog as your dad just emailed me. Nice to be in contact with you all again.