Monday, December 1, 2008

Snow Globes

Did you ever collect these as a child? I used to love them and had a small collection. They are mezmerizing...especially if they have the right music to go along with them.

The church we are currently attending just started a series on "Shaken". I can't take credit for this's from church.

I loved the idea of this. I'm such a visual learner that this was perfect. Picture yourself in a snow globe. Picture yourself in this perfect little setting, happy, peacful, content. All of a sudden, God picks of the globe and starts to shake. Your world seems to be turned upside down. Pieces of your world are flying in your face, distorting your vision, making you dizzy and confused and feeling helpless...when will it stop? Why is God still shaking? What's the point? Eventually the shaking stops, the snow/glitters continues to fall, but eventually all settles so peacfully and all is calm again.

From outside the globe, people see you being shaken, but at the same time, we see the beauty in your struggle. We can see how you are enduring it and how it is making the world around you a beautiful place. We learn that God shakes us to show His glory...and because He can...and because He knows that in the end, all the pieces will settle and it will be beautiful.

Remember this visual picture next time you feel you are being shaken. Try to look past the pieces flying around, and focus on the hand that is doing the shaking.

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