Friday, December 12, 2008

shopping is different

So my kids are finally really into Christmas this year. We've never pushed Santa, in fact Eric calls me Scrooge because I don't play into it too much. I knew it would happen on it's own...and it has. I tell the kids there's not a Santa and that I actually bring the gifts....I do it because they don't believe me. They say, "No mom!! You're so silly! You don't bring the presents!"

Today I went to Toy.s.R.u.s to buy some stuff. For the most part, since they are usually out infront of me while we are shopping, I can sneak stuff into the cart and they really don't that's what I was doing today. We were buying birthday party gifts too, so I would slip things under the other gifts.

Well, at one point Tyler pops his head over the cart...I'm not standing by it...and he says this:

Tyler: "Is this our cart?"
Mom: "No." (I've stooped to lying...)
Tyler: "LOOK what's here!" (as he holds up one of his gifts.)
Mom: "Oh, that must be someone else's cart." (silently hoping he's distracted by the toys and doesn't see my purse)
Tyler: "But your purse is in here."
mom's thought: "Shoot! He's way too clever."
Mom: "Well, maybe someone was too lazy to put that toy away and dropped it in our cart...we'll give it to the lady upfront!"

What have I turned into? Actually it's kind of funny. And luckily the cashier was picking up on my attempt at a distraction and the first few things I put up to buy she quickly pulled behind the register and scanned them out of sight.

I think they rest of my shopping will be done solo!

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