Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was just funny!

I almost forgot to share this!!!

The other day I took Tyler to the Starbucks in Target (whoever thought of that is a GENIUS!). We were sitting there sharing our cranberry bliss bar and a lady who was ordering dropped a cup of coffee on the floor. She was a postal worker and was late to work. She was very apologetic, but was also late for work so was trying to get out of there. Tyler was SO funny.

He kept saying...without any tact, discression, or care that the embarrassed lady could hear...things like:

"mom - why did she drop her coffee?"
"mom - you have to hold your cup tight so it doesn't fall."
"mom - she made a big mess."
And he kept repeating these things. At one point she chimed in and was trying to explain to Tyler that her cup just slipped.

Then he said, "Mom, I always hold my cup so it doesn't fall. I don't drop my cup."

She stopped at our table and looked at Tyler and could tell she was trying to bite her lip and just laugh his comments off, but finally she just tight-lipped said, "SO!!"...and walked off. I just died laughing. It was SO funny!!

I felt bad for her in the first place - but then to have just a 3-year-old rub it innocent as it was...I'm impressed she didn't just let him have it. I wasn't even offended...even now I'm laughing out loud as I write this.

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The AB club said...

Don't you just love thier comments. Elias has said within ear shot, "why is that man so fat?".