Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Eric's challenge

Eric has been challenging me to get up early. He gets up early at 5:15...I can't quite do that. I'm aiming for 6:15, but have yet to get up before about 6:40 at this point. It nice when I get up even a few minutes early because I make lunches or straighten up or sit down and actually eat breakfast. This is going to be a continuing challenge for me. I want to do it...but my body doesn't!


The AB club said...

Just think your getting up at 2:40 pst. That sounds really impressive, just don't refer to your bed time that way.

Sarah said...

I "try" to get up at 5am every day, so I can exercise before work, but I've always struggled with getting up in the mornings. And since I've been pregnant I'm only shooting for 3 days a week, but rarely make it. It really depends on how I've slept the night before. But I really think it wouldn't matter what time I set the alarm clock for, I would struggle to get up when it goes off.