Saturday, December 20, 2008

Don't judge me

I am one who gets bored with my hair easily. Recently, I've been "glowing red" because it sounded fun...and it I'm trying to decide what to do next.

So - when my 5 year old, who has beautiful naturally curly hair, continually tells me she wants it smooth....why not?! So after her bath today - for the first time - I straightened Amber's hair.

Everyone always tells me they'll hate their curls when they are older - everyone wants their curls, people pay for curls like that. But ultimately...She's Amber....not Curly Hair Amber. Hair doesn't not define a person. It does give or take away confidence at times - so why not try something new? You can always change it, right?!

Anyway - the outcome was adorable, and she was thrilled.


Holly said...

actually I think it's really really pretty - both ways - she is one lucky girl ;-)

Naomi said...

I personally like it better curly, but that's only because I don't look at it in the mirror like that everyday. For me, I almost always like my hair as long as it's a different color or style than it was last month- change is fun.

Derek and Betsy said...

Tell Amber Uncle Derek think's it is very pretty! DW