Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas Card Confessions

We didn't do Christmas cards last year...I had many more important matters at hand and cards were no where near the top of my list. I have a feeling we'll receive less this year because #1...we moved....#2...we probably got axed from peoples lists this year since we didn't send last year.

Aren't Christmas Card politics funny? "Well, we didn't get one from them last we are NOT sending one to them this year." Do you write a letter or just send a picture? Do you include the whole family or just the kid(s)?

As a kid, our Christmas tradition was making our own cards. My mom would write a poem related to Christ's birth, and my dad would do a quick synopsis of everyone on the back...when I say quick...he'd get 6 people and 12 months into one paragraph!

Each kid had to submit an original drawing for the card. The coveted spot was always the front of the card. I am not artistic - but I'm clever!! I recently went through all of our old cards at my mom's house before she moved. I had the cover many times!! My artwork wasn't great, but I was always sure to draw something appropriate for the cover. Anything from a snowman manger scene to "Merry Christmas" in bubble letters with lights and footprints. Clever...sneaky...manipulative...whatever!! It worked!!

My parents still continue the tradition but it's all done on computer and we no longer have to submit artwork. They do try to get pictures of everyone in...and us kids always notice who was in there more!! Of course the grandkids hog all the glory now (but at least they are my kids!). Last year, my beloved husband, got mistaken for a stranger and didn't actually make it on the card!

I think since we did not do cards last year I am feeling extra obligated. I always like having something fun and perfect. People always commented on our cards and were amazed that even the dogs were looking at the camera....thanks to the off-camera treats. But if there were audio attached to the card it'd be a whole different picture!!

This year - we have had SO many changes and fun things happen that I almost need to just send out a photo album!! I have too many ideas in my head and none of them have given me that "AHAHA!!" that I long to get. Do I use a beach picture? Do I use a camping picture? Do I include the dogs? Should I do multiple pictures? Or maybe just a big picture of me! (just kidding!)

Do I sound obsessed....maybe a little bit. I enjoy it...I have a longing to be creative and I can usually figure something just takes me awhile.

So if you want a card from us...and have never received one....leave your address under the comments...I'll delete them as I get them so they aren't just "out there".

I feel I'll have to set up a photo shoot soon since all my ideas aren't quite working how I want them to. for a backdrop.

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Sarah said...

Will you email me your address so I can wish you a Merry Christmas with a card?