Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Carriage Rides

Billy Graham Ministries is located here in Charlotte and they put on this big display with live nativity and carriage rides and carolers and stuff. And it's all free. So we decided to take the kids. Luckily (by unacclimated Colorado transplants) it wasn't very cold...no wind...no weather. We needed coats - but not hats and gloves. (some people were just about in snow suits...it was in the 40s).
Anyway - the main reason for going was the carriage rides. We stood in line for 1hr 35 minutes to take a 15-20 min (max!) carriage ride. The kids LOVED it and they were really good so we can't complain.
Just arriving:
Watching all the carriages come & go....waiting...
This is the one we finally got to ride in:
And they LOVED it...made the whole night worthwhile:

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