Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Saturday - bright and early - we load the kids and dogs in the car and head north. It was a 9 hour drive. No DVD player! We have always borrowed one for our long roadtrips before, but not this time...and let me say...we all survived beautifully!! They each got a bag of toys/books/colors etc...and they were happy...plus their special night-nights. We made 2-3 quick stops and one stop to each lunch and a non fast food restaurant. Then they all fell asleep for the remaining 2 hours. Fabulous!

The worst part of the drive was going over the "so-called mountains" of North Carolina while suffering from a sinus infection...and painful ears that won't pop.

The rest of the trip so far has been non stop. Friends, late nights, early mornings. Walking dogs in the wind and rain. Kids who seem to be on a never-ending sugar high. We've seen some of Eric's friends, my best friend Michele!!! and her boyfriend, Eric's grandma and aunt.

We've been to the Children's Museum and to dinner and breakfasts and lunches...the never ending supply of food here!

I'm so thankful we have this time with Eric's family. One grandma turns 89 on Friday, the other one is 97...and healthy as can be. However, her mind is going, so it's good to see her when she still remembers us a little bit.

I get go have a bit of a break tomorrow when I get my hair cut. ahhhhhh....SO badly needed.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

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