Thursday, November 20, 2008

night-night surgery

What are they called at your house? Binkie? Woobie? Is it a stuffed animal? A blanket? A pacifier?

Here they are called "night-nights". Their blankets. Eric's aunt crocheted each kid a blanket and without persuasion, they all got addicted to it. They suck their thumbs holding their night-nights. They sleep with them and take them on long car trips. If the child is misbehaving badly enough, I get the scissors out and threaten to cut up the works every time!

However, Tyler has loved on his SO much that it is falling apart. (Amber too - but today we are talking about Tyler's).

I don't know what will happen if these things disintegrate, but I'm afraid one day they will. A week or so ago Tyler's started to unravel. I tied it off as best I could, but today I decided it was time to amputate the edging. Luckily the edging was a separate appendage from the main body - so after close analysis I was able to locate and sever the connectors. It was a successful procedure.



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the AB club said...

That reminds me of my kids and thier blankets, although, ours are fleece. And the rule is that when you turn 3 is stays in your bed.