Friday, November 14, 2008

leaves are like snow

So in Colorado you have snow to deal with. Here - you have leaves to deal with. Leaves? I find it somewhat confusing and overwhelming. That may sound odd - but I came from a house with a twig in the front yard that they called a tree. I could collect the leaves in vase to look pretty if I had wanted too!

I decided to rake the leaves in our front yard today so that I could mow before the rain came. Why not just mow the leaves you ask? Well I thought about that. But I really had no knowledge on what method would work best....

1) Do you just mow and then have to empty your mower bag 10 times because there are SO many leaves?
2) Do you rake the leaves and then mow?
3) If you rake the leaves what is the best method to get them in the garbage bag? By grabbing 100 handfuls per leaf pile? By using the rake/hand method? Using a car washing bucket to scoop and dump?

So I tried all of these, although I never mowed. I filled 2 large, well-packed leaf bags. I got the majority of the leaves up...I figured I'd just mow up the remaining ones.

Just as I tied the 2nd bag and drug it away....

....the wind blew. no joke. I just stood there and watched a new blanket of leaves cover my yard.

I was kind of funny.

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