Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I like North Carolina, I really do. I knew it was the right decision, I've never looked back. God paved the way and opened huge doors for us to easily walk through. It was a no brainer. There is tons here for our family and our kids. I have 2 Targets and 3 Starbucks within 3 miles of me...All of that in itself made the initial move easier. I've never sat down and sobbed like when I moved when I was younger.

But this week has been different. Eric is in Denver right now. He said it was surreal. Going up the escalator from the train at DIA and remembering how many times the kids were pressing their face against the window waiting for him to emerge from the crowd of people. He said it was weird getting on a shuttle going to his hotel downtown instead of driving home. His old coworkers from Boulder are meeting up with him on Friday to have some beers and hang out.

I'm very homesick this week. Is it ok to cry 8 months after I've moved?


Linda :o) said...

Stacy, YES!!! Mom :o)

Sarah said...

I am pretty sure you were living in caffeine induced shock. It's okay to cry now that it has worn off. You should know that we miss you as much as you miss us!