Friday, November 7, 2008

Carrot toes

The other night we were reading books before bed and their teachers have both asked that we start asking questions about the where does it take place, who's in it, what do you think will happen, why is it called "X"...things like that.

Well, I was aking who was in the book and Amber was saying, the bunny and the otter and the mice...and Camryn said: "The carrot toes."

I said, "Carrot toes?"
She said, "yes, the carrot toes."
I said, "Camryn, what are you talking about? carrot toes?"
She said, "The people in the book....charatoes"

She doesn't have her "r's" all the time yet so she couldn't say "characters"!! It was a good laugh!!

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the AB club said...

That is so very cute. And I'm impressed that she even knows to use the word character.