Thursday, November 27, 2008

Salon Drinks

Since I have no loyalty to a hair stylist in NC yet, I decided to get my hair cut in Cincinnati. I found a salon near where we were staying and made an appointment.

The girl was great. Young, fresh, attentive, professional but logical, listened great and took her time - gave me options, but didn't push me in one way or another...and I LOVED my hair for the first time in a long time. I wanted to put the girl in my pocket and take her home with me!

However, my issue with nice salons is the drink they give you.

I love when they offer you coffee or tea or water or wine (at my salon in Colorado wine & beer were always offered).

But here's where the frustration comes in: When do you get to actually drink it?

You take a sip or two just before you sit in the chair and then you start talking about the hair cut....then comes the ever-encompassing black drape. I feel as if I can't take my arms out of it. Once she starts cutting I don't want to move. I feel it's rude or distracting...and heaven forbid I move and she takes a bad cut!!

So I sit there - watching my once steaming cup of hot tea slowly become luke warm.

I was able to take a couple more sips after the hair washing, but still left it about 1/3 full when I walked out.

Why bother offering drinks? It's a nice idea, don't get me wrong - but it's like going to the dentist and them asking questions while their hands are in your mouth.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Saturday - bright and early - we load the kids and dogs in the car and head north. It was a 9 hour drive. No DVD player! We have always borrowed one for our long roadtrips before, but not this time...and let me say...we all survived beautifully!! They each got a bag of toys/books/colors etc...and they were their special night-nights. We made 2-3 quick stops and one stop to each lunch and a non fast food restaurant. Then they all fell asleep for the remaining 2 hours. Fabulous!

The worst part of the drive was going over the "so-called mountains" of North Carolina while suffering from a sinus infection...and painful ears that won't pop.

The rest of the trip so far has been non stop. Friends, late nights, early mornings. Walking dogs in the wind and rain. Kids who seem to be on a never-ending sugar high. We've seen some of Eric's friends, my best friend Michele!!! and her boyfriend, Eric's grandma and aunt.

We've been to the Children's Museum and to dinner and breakfasts and lunches...the never ending supply of food here!

I'm so thankful we have this time with Eric's family. One grandma turns 89 on Friday, the other one is 97...and healthy as can be. However, her mind is going, so it's good to see her when she still remembers us a little bit.

I get go have a bit of a break tomorrow when I get my hair cut. ahhhhhh....SO badly needed.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

night-night surgery

What are they called at your house? Binkie? Woobie? Is it a stuffed animal? A blanket? A pacifier?

Here they are called "night-nights". Their blankets. Eric's aunt crocheted each kid a blanket and without persuasion, they all got addicted to it. They suck their thumbs holding their night-nights. They sleep with them and take them on long car trips. If the child is misbehaving badly enough, I get the scissors out and threaten to cut up the works every time!

However, Tyler has loved on his SO much that it is falling apart. (Amber too - but today we are talking about Tyler's).

I don't know what will happen if these things disintegrate, but I'm afraid one day they will. A week or so ago Tyler's started to unravel. I tied it off as best I could, but today I decided it was time to amputate the edging. Luckily the edging was a separate appendage from the main body - so after close analysis I was able to locate and sever the connectors. It was a successful procedure.



Monday, November 17, 2008

New found talent

The girls came and got me from whatever it was I was doing. They were very excited and wanted to show me something. I couldn't imagine what it was since I knew they'd been playing with Thomas trains...this is what they showed me!! Human Tunnel??

one more

...forgot this one...

More leaves

There are plenty to be had around here and a big pile of them is as fun for one generation as it was for the last!

Here they come!!
Jumpin' in!
Look what the leaves raked up!
I thought this picture was almost perfect then I almost deleted it...until I saw what Amber was looking at - then I thought it was just cute!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Anti-I Suck as a Mom

Before I left Colorado I was having one of those weeks when nothing was going right, from my "mom" point of view. My kids were not listening, I felt I was failing at everything, I was pouting about Eric's job...waawaawaa...

My little sister put these pictures on a CD for me and labeled it "Anti-I Suck as a Mom." I finally got it from here only since I've moved to Charlotte, and only last week looked at the pictures for the first time. I thought it was like a mixed-tape of songs, so I had never opened it up. Then I tried to play it in my CD player and when I told her it didn't work she said's pictures!


Yes - it's been 2 weeks, but I realized I only had 1 blurry picture of the kids so I had to wait for my mom's CD to arrive. Thanks mom!!
I had intended for them to wear these darling cheer leader outfits they had and then I was going to dress Tyler as a football player - but shopping with all 3 kids during the 30% at Target 2 days before Halloween changed everything!

Here are my favs!
Eric - Big Bad Wolf

Snow Princesses

Tyler - Mater from 'Cars' & 2 snow princesses

leaves are like snow

So in Colorado you have snow to deal with. Here - you have leaves to deal with. Leaves? I find it somewhat confusing and overwhelming. That may sound odd - but I came from a house with a twig in the front yard that they called a tree. I could collect the leaves in vase to look pretty if I had wanted too!

I decided to rake the leaves in our front yard today so that I could mow before the rain came. Why not just mow the leaves you ask? Well I thought about that. But I really had no knowledge on what method would work best....

1) Do you just mow and then have to empty your mower bag 10 times because there are SO many leaves?
2) Do you rake the leaves and then mow?
3) If you rake the leaves what is the best method to get them in the garbage bag? By grabbing 100 handfuls per leaf pile? By using the rake/hand method? Using a car washing bucket to scoop and dump?

So I tried all of these, although I never mowed. I filled 2 large, well-packed leaf bags. I got the majority of the leaves up...I figured I'd just mow up the remaining ones.

Just as I tied the 2nd bag and drug it away....

....the wind blew. no joke. I just stood there and watched a new blanket of leaves cover my yard.

I was kind of funny.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I like North Carolina, I really do. I knew it was the right decision, I've never looked back. God paved the way and opened huge doors for us to easily walk through. It was a no brainer. There is tons here for our family and our kids. I have 2 Targets and 3 Starbucks within 3 miles of me...All of that in itself made the initial move easier. I've never sat down and sobbed like when I moved when I was younger.

But this week has been different. Eric is in Denver right now. He said it was surreal. Going up the escalator from the train at DIA and remembering how many times the kids were pressing their face against the window waiting for him to emerge from the crowd of people. He said it was weird getting on a shuttle going to his hotel downtown instead of driving home. His old coworkers from Boulder are meeting up with him on Friday to have some beers and hang out.

I'm very homesick this week. Is it ok to cry 8 months after I've moved?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


What a fabulous place!

Remember when "myspace" was the big thing, but it wasn't super user friendly and you had weird people on there?

Now I've found Facebook! It's so easy to find people on there. People who you haven't seen or talked to in years. I've reconnected with some fun people and some old friends. But today, someone found me.

She was one of my campers from Kanakuk in MO, 11 years ago. I was only there for one summer. What she said has warmed my heart and opened my heart to the fact that it doesn't matter the length of time you spend with a's the way you share God's love that matters. This was a fun summer job...what a payoff!!

hey stacy,

I came across your profile on here and I just had to ask did you ever work at Kanakuk Kamps in Branson Missouri? More specifically did you work at K Kountry in 1998? I wondered because You look just like my counselor at this summer camp and her name was stacy murkin and her co counselor was named kaela kenley.

Well if you happen to be the same stacy murkin, I just wanted to let you know that my name is Hillary Catlett and I was 11 years old my first year at kamp in barn 9 at k kountry and my life was radically changed because of the impact that you and kaela had on me. I was a very socially awkward and non athletic girl and you both helped me become more confident.

since then i was a kamper for 5 years and i've worked at k kountry for the last 7 summers. I am now 22 and eleven years later i still remember you and I just wanted you to know that you blessed me and impacted my life the summer i was in your barn at kamp.

now having said all that, if you are not the same stacy murkin, then i apologize haha just disregard this email. otherwise, i would love to hear from you!

Hillary Ann Catlett

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fall Fun

This is the first year we have ever had leaves in our yard...well...more than just from a small twig of a tree. So yesterday was a perfect fall morning and so we made a leaf was small...but it was fun...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Carrot toes

The other night we were reading books before bed and their teachers have both asked that we start asking questions about the where does it take place, who's in it, what do you think will happen, why is it called "X"...things like that.

Well, I was aking who was in the book and Amber was saying, the bunny and the otter and the mice...and Camryn said: "The carrot toes."

I said, "Carrot toes?"
She said, "yes, the carrot toes."
I said, "Camryn, what are you talking about? carrot toes?"
She said, "The people in the book....charatoes"

She doesn't have her "r's" all the time yet so she couldn't say "characters"!! It was a good laugh!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Catching Up

It's been crazy. We had a great time with my mom. Halloween was fine. I wasn't in the spirit this year, but it was still fun to let the kids trick-or-treat in warm weather!! No coats or gloves...just nice, enjoyable strolling around the neighborhood.

We spent yesterday and Monday in Raleigh at my dear friend, Jessica's, house. She has 4 kids, ages 1 1/2, 3, 5, my 2 5 year olds and a 3 year old. Thank goodness she has lots of toys!

Today I was ready to adopt out the kids before I got the girls dropped off at school. I was ready to just drop them off at the corner before we got home after school. I was ready to cry when Eric left for his night dinner, softball game, and then special work event...mainly because Camryn had just walked her shoes across my bed...they had dog poop on them.

The kids have just been emotionally needy. I'm not sure what's going on, but my "love pitcher" is pretty bare, so any extra need is just draining.

But then it happened....God's grace...God's love....His reminder that He's there.

It was right before dinner and the kids were asking for everything except what I was making. They had literally dumped baskets of toys all over. I figured I better start the picking up process before dinner...because I knew it'd last awhile.

I gave them each their "jobs" for picking up. Camryn and Amber (Amber having the biggest job since she made the biggest mess, and who is also usually my biggest challenge) were actually done picking up...completely...and without me having to repeat myself one time...before dinner!! Tyler played more during his picking up, but I chose not to get mad...just make him do it after dinner too.

Then we sat down for dinner and they scarfed their food and told me how much the liked it!! Cleaned their plates!

Then without needing reminding, Tyler started to finish his pickup job when he was done eating...and Camryn said, "I'll help you Tyler."

I gathered them all up for praise and hugs and they gave me a group hug and I told them how happy they had made me. Then Camryn's mixed-up sentence said it all....

"God made you love us, didn't he?!" I just smiled and gave her another hug.

Saturday, November 1, 2008


Have you missesd us?! We've been busy with my mom in the kids call her! She came for a last minute visit and was here for 10 days. Her room is the computer room so I didn't get on very often.

I'll post pictures and updates soon. Today is recovery day. Eric is at a softball tournament - the kids are going to watch a movie while I clean and then we are going to FINALLY paint pumpkins!! At this point it just about doing the fun craft....the timing is irrelevant!