Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Creative Outlet

Sometimes I just get bored and I need a quick-fix change. What better to do that with than some hair dye, a pair of scissors, clippers, and some willing victims.
I cut the girls' hair, but I haven't taken's just bouncier...nothing fancy. I tried to give Tyler a mohawk and Eric and I just laughed....SO NOT Tyler!! Then there's me and the glowing red...which I've gotten compliments on from complete strangers. So I'll take it for awhile!
Well - he enjoyed it for the 15 minutes he had it.
This is as "tough-guy" as it gets with him...
aaahhh....there's the boy I know!
Then there's me with the almost glows in the sunlight.

1 comment:

JLF said...

Love the color girlie!!! You look FABULOUS!