Sunday, October 12, 2008

Camping Knowledge

Pictures will come in the next day or two, but right now let me tell you what I either learned or was reminded of during our camping trip over the last 4 days...which was FABULOUS by the way.

1) Pam cooking spray makes a great substitute for WD-40 when you have a squeaky camper door.
2) Black widow spiders get very large.
3) A pile of deer poop on the way to the bathroom is as fascinating the 203rd time as it was the 1st time.
4) Being a boy has benefits when the closest bathrooms are 75ish yards away and you need to go NOW.
5) The modern teenager doesn't use flashlights or lanterns to see the path in the dark...they use cell phone lights.
6) When camping with 3 kids for 4 days...make sure you pack 2 weeks worth of clothes per child...not just enough to "get by"...especially if there's a lake near by and/or if it has recently rained and there's wet dirt/mud around.
7) Campfire smoke really does follow people no matter where you move your chair to.
8) I really still don't like marshmellows...and I did try one. gag.
9) With a little bit of IS possible to make a campfire without lighter fluid.
10) 4 days and 3 night with my kids, dogs and husband, at a beautiful mountain lake, with amazing fall definitely something I want to do again.
11) One of my favorite moments...the girls sitting by themselves at the fire, making faces at each other, and thinking they were the funniest things ever.

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