Thursday, September 11, 2008

What makes you cry?

I'm an easier crier - a trait that I got from my mom but not one that I have fully embraced yet!

Yesterday, Amber brought home this little 6 page book, with 3 words on each page. Each page started with "See the..." Then there would be a picture of a horse or a pig or something, and then the corresponding word underneath it.

She has been in kindergarten for not 3 weeks now, and read her first simple as it may seem. When you have a kid with a hearing loss, reading is such an important foundation, and one I knew she was capable of, but had no idea how to teach her, even though I tried.

I cried, and embraced my daughter. It was incredible!


Holly said...

that IS incredible.

Naomi said...

That is great... I don't think my son was reading last year at this time. I know Roxanne won't be. And I think both of them care hear just fine- although sometimes they act like they can't. Maybe I have reason to cry too.