Thursday, September 4, 2008

"THAT" mom...

I hate feeling like I'm "that" mom. The one who is confused and clueless and emotional...ALL the time!

Yesterday I was less than polite to the carpool lady at the school. I was frustrated and emotional about other things and it all came to ahead when she wouldn't release Camryn to me because I'm not on the "approved walk-up" list. the way...I am now!

Once my tears started flowing she allowed me to take Camryn inside and sign her out at the office, where I continued to pretend I wasn't crying...even if there were tears rolling down my cheek. Why? Because I'm not supposed to be "THAT" mom!!

You know...the mom that they know by name because she's a basket case. The mom they see coming and think, "Great, here she comes again...what will it be today?" The mom that they roll their eyes at when I turn to walk away. The mom they talk about being a nut case with the other teachers. We all know that happens...and there's always "that" mom....and I think I've been her the last couple of weeks.

So, today, I'm calm, cool and collected and I will sincerely apologize to the carpool lady because no matter what emotional state I was in, it was not right for me to throw a fit. I'm surprised she didn't put me in time out. HA! i probably needed it.

I should have asked more questions sooner and not just assumed that I could have my way. I didn't know what questions to ask, I don't know how to do Kindergarten. I'm learning the hard way.

Today will be better than yesterday.

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