Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Shots :O(

Shots for babies are bad. But they cry for awhile and then calm down (usually) and then they forget about it.

Shots for 5 year olds (well....almost 5 year olds) is horrific. Especially when you have a nurse trying to be gentle...and she's slow. Then you have the poor nurse who volunteered to hold my children, then you have my poor girls who looked at me across the room and tried to reach me while screaming like I've never heard. I know that if they knew the swear words, they would have been using them on the lady with the needle. Oh....yea...they each got 5 shots, plus the flu vaccine up the nose.

I offered to take them somewhere that we could have lunch and ice cream and Camryn said, "Mom, let's go have ice cream first, then we'll go someplace different for lunch." My kind of kid. Dessert first it was...and I was tempted to go buy all the stuffed animals at Target too...it was so sad.

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