Sunday, September 7, 2008


I really have the itch to go camping. We had to open up our camper today to make sure nothing had crawled up inside and died. Thankfully I only found a couple of small and squishable spiders. Oh, and the baseball-size, infested wasp nest...which thanks to a good spray...was easy to eliminate.

We were moving to a friend of Eric's who said we could keep it at her place for awhile until we find a permanent spot. But being inside of it was enough to give me the itch. Now I want to find a fabulous mountain place in NC to go camping. Well...hilly place....I still can't call these hills mountains because they really aren't mountains. They aren't.

**Sigh** camping would be nice.


JLF said...

Um ... how about you come back here and we'll go camping with you!?!?!?


Awwwww ... c'mon!

Still no?


Stacy G. said...

I would LOVE to!! LOVE to.