Monday, September 15, 2008

bug buzz

My bug stories seem to be never ending here.

Tonight - I was watching TV and thought the shadow io the TV was on the camera lens from the show I was watching...but then it kept crawling onto the side of my TV. I called for Eric to help for 20 minutes we chased this cockroach around the entertainment center. We lost it and couldn't find it again.

I went to grab some tongs (which thankfully my dad had put in the wrong place)...because there it to the coffee pot. I caught it in a travel coffee cup and Eric and I took it outside...I shook it up really good so it wouldn't get away...spilled it out onto the driveway and Eric hit it so hard with his shoe that it sounded like a gunshot!!

Oh - I also found a funnel spider in the corner behind the curtain...he's dead.

Something we learned about cockroaches...they are freakishly fast. We have no idea how he managed to escape from the living room to the kitchen...


JLF said...

What if that wasn't the same one?!?! You've had enough bugs since you've moved ... that's fo' sho. How are the girls?!?!?! In the swing now?

Stacy G. said...

HOW DARE YOU SAY THAT!!! UGH!! Yes - I thought that and refused to let my mind go there!

Heather said...

LOL LOL LOL i love you sis at least you didn't throw things at it to keep it in the corner until your wife got home to kill it. lol love ya