Sunday, September 14, 2008

Birthday Party

Although their birthday isn't until Thursday, we had Camryn & Amber's 5th birthday party yesterday. It was our smallest ever, but it was a lot of fun.

Eric and my dad took on the challenge of a shrimp boil, which turned out really good.

The girls got a ton of new horse stuff. My sister filled a box with tinsel....and the birthday crew thought it was great fun to take handfuls and scatter it throughout the house. It was kind of funny. But my sister will be paid back!

Here's the cake I made for them....not bad for an amateur! The fence and barn are made out of chocolate and the grass was SO fun...I found this cool new icing tip that makes grass...

We'll do something small on Thursday too. It's been great having my parents here. They'll have to leave tomorrow. I miss having them closer, but it's great that they can still visit relatively easy.


Holly said...

I am IMPRESSED!!! I LOVE that cake!!!

JLF said...

You are amazing! I hope you have pictures of all the amazing "amateur" cakes you've made! YOU ARE AN AMAZING MOMMY! How are your girls 5? Really?!?!?

Naomi said...

That one is really cute! I wished I could have made something like that, but Roxanne insisted on "pink" and "hannah montana"... maybe I should make it for MY birthday.