Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Tyler Talk 2

Things have been quiet around here lately. Nothing to really write about. Today it's rainy so we'll have to be inside and entertaining.

But, I wanted to share this converstaion I had with Tyler. I don't remember my girls saying all these cute things...or maybe it's just because I didn't have a blog!

Scene set up: My mom had given the girls all these little white gloves to play sister and I used to wear them at Easter when we were little. The girls were playing with them and Tyler wanted to too. So as I was putting the pretty white, lacey gloves on Tyler, this is what was said:

mom: "Oh Tyler, you really need some boy friends. Boys to play trains with and trucks with. Boys who will play sports with you and just have good boy-time with you.

Tyler: stops what he's doing, looks at me with his big blue eyes and very seriously says, "Will you help me find some mom?"

mom: trying to blink back the water in the eyes, "Yes, Tyler, I will help you."

It was more cute than sad, but the sincerity in his voice when he asked me to find some, was just heart-wrenching. He only plays with girls, so I feel bad for him sometimes....but at least he loves his sisters!!

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