Saturday, August 2, 2008

too much!

The kids are back.

Should I end this blog with that?! Tempting. That says it all!! I'll do a more detailed wrap of of the week soon. But now, I just have a lot in my head....about Amber's school.

All summer I thought I was at peace about what we had decided for the girls and school next year. Then, I get a call from the deaf education teacher that would have had Amber in her class. She was wondering if we'd decided to put Amber in her class or not. She was going shopping for her class this weekend and wanted to pick up something fun for Amber to welcome her to the class.

Seriously - how many teachers care that much? Needless to stay I spent time crying out to God today...literally crying. "God, I want to be ok with what you want. Is that school what YOU want for Amber?!" ...and much more.

It's amazing what happens when I put my selfish pride aside (because God has opened up my eyes to that lately) and actually think about what God might want for Amber...what's best for her in HIS eyes...not what I want. It's not about me. If it were about me the school would be a block away and no uniforms and perfect. I have too much in my head to bore you with. Eric and I are sorting out a lot this weekend, and I think I'm getting ready to make a decision I have fought making for the last 6 months....and I think it's going to be ok.

It's about God....

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JLF said...

I will pray with you ... I know these decisions girl, I know the heartache when you place your baby on a bus ... I also know what a difference it has made for Matthew. Pray, pray and then pray again. I love you and can't wait to hear what you and Eric decided on.