Friday, August 29, 2008

Time-Out Chatter

Camryn was in time-out this evening. She's not in time-out a lot, but when she is, it's devestating and she always cries to herself...tonight I had a pen and paper handy so I started's what was said by Camryn in time-out. Remember..she's sobbing and add that into the translation...

I've been a good girl today.
I don't remember what to do.
I get a time-out every time I touch on the counter.
I am sad I'm in time out.
I want ice cream tonihgt.
She said we could have it tonight but I don't k now if I get any.
Mom - you love me SO much, don't you?
I love mommy SO much.
I'm really sad that you made me sad and you're sad too.
I just want to be happy.
Mommy I want you.
Mommy I really am hungry and I want some ice cream.
And you aren't letting me have some, are ya?
I'm so sad that you are making me SO SO sad that you have ever made me before.
I want you to come talk about why I'm in time out.
I'm not happy.
I get sad when you leave me alone and nobody gets me.

I sat there laughing...out of sight of I jotted notes. I couldn't catch all the phrases because she was talking rather fast at times....but trust was pretty entertaining!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Stacy! Thanks for the comment on my always surprises me who reads my boring posts! ;-) I didn't know one of your girls was deaf...I'm guessing it wasn't the one doing all the time out chatter. ;-) I'm praying for a friend/child to come across our paths so Caden (and eventually the others) will see the valuse of learning ASL (we love Signing Time-well, me more than them many days!!). If you know of any good places to try to "connect", let me know! ;-) As I think of it, I'll pray for good friends for your daughter! ~Kristin S.

Anonymous said...

P.S. LOVE the family beach pic!!! Beautiful!!! ~Kristin

One Time With Aimee said...

that is awesome! I love it - I take video of my niece when she is having her meltdowns. Its great fun (well, it is for me, I'm not the mama!)

JLF said...

Excellent! Hilarious!

Linda :o) said...

Gram want to know if she got her ice cream? :o}

Stacy G. said...

Yes she got the ice cream because it really had nothing to do with the ice cream or why she was getting ice cream...Tyler on the other hand missed out on his ice cream.