Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Swimming...2 love or 2 hate?

2 love: The refreshing warm water in 104
2 love: Watching the kids practice what they learned during their lessons
2 love: Life jackets that allow the kids freedom in the "BIG" pool until the lessons fully pay off.
2 love: That it takes little planning and effort to go to the pool.
2 love: When the YMCA pool is closed because a kid pooped or threw up in the water...we have another pool around the corner from our house.
2 love: On the weekends, it's a great family time.

2 hate: 3 full life jackets (including the straps through the legs), 1 mom, 1 hour, 5 potty breaks (X 3 kids = 15 potty breaks in 1 hour). At least they did it all at the same time....BUT STILL!!!!

Things I heard during...or just before potty breaks:

"I'm tyring to wait until we get home to go potty"
"Mom, hurry up and get it off before I pee in my swimming suit"
"I have to go stinky."
"I have to go stinky too."
"Me too mom...I have to go stinky too."
"Hurry up, it's almost coming out!" (Said in the water!)

And then with the burning hot cement and the urgency of needing to go the bathroom, the 16 year old lifeguard has the nerve to tell my kids "WALK!"

1 comment:

Naomi said...

AHH! You're a brave person to take them all swimming! Last time I was at a pool party, I ended up with poop on my foot and didn't even realize it for an hour. I think it was Roxanne's. But I do thank God for pools during the hot hot summer!