Monday, August 18, 2008

School Clothes shopping!!

Remember being young and shopping for all your school clothes?! How fun it was? I was excited to get to do that yesterday with the girls. We dropped the boys off at the house after church and lunch and then we hit the stores. Old Navy, Marshalls, Target, Children's Place...and a Starbucks stop somewhere in there. The best part?....when it was over!!!

This was not the fun, mother-daughter bonding day I had imagined!!

Camryn was whiny and clinging and just wanted to stroke my arms when she was pouting...which made me want to lift my hands above my head and take 2 giant steps backwards and say..."DON'T TOUCH ME!!" (I just get that way about continual touching sometimes!) And...I did the arm raising, but not the giant steps and "DON'T TOUCH ME"...but I really wanted to!! I just took lots of deep breaths and tried to give more hugs.

Amber wasn't necessarily having a bad hearing day (but maybe a little bit)...but she was having a bad listening day. I could tell her...using voice and stop touching, stop playing, stop laying on the floor, stop playing in the clothes racks, stop, stop STOP STOP!!!! And everytime we had that discussion....she'd look at me like I'd never told her before..."Oh...ok mom." Then 30 seconds later she was at it again!!!

No...I didn't do timeouts in the middle of the store and I should have. But I was trying to be firm and fun and productive mommy....UGH! At the last store Amber walked in saying, "I'm doe-ing to licken weally dood mommy." (Translation: I'm going to listen really good mommy.) And it's a toss up of how I felt that actually went.

What did I learn in all of this....all of a sudden...I really like the uniform idea!! I had to buy Camryn regular clothes and I had to buy Amber uniform clothes....and that is SO much easier!! At the end of the day I said, "Camryn, do you want to go to the same school as Amber? You can wear blue and white too!" She was very excited about the I think that may be a possibility!!

We are going to the beach on Thursday....the hurricane is supposed to be here by then...not a direct hit, but the post-hurricane-weather. It should be super dooper fun.

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