Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Prayers of my children

We try to remember to pray every night at dinner. Sometimes it's crazy and it doesn't happen. I've been trying to start that routine at night too. I know...many of you do it by nature already, but we are working on it still.

However, tonight at dinner we were saying our prayers...normally the kids pray a simple "Thank you Jesus for our food. Amen." Then it's Daddy's turn. Well, tonight Dad wasn't here, and just a I started my turn for all the extras, Camryn kept praying.

Camryn: "Thank you for making Grandad's heart all better."

And simultaneously the other two continued:

Amber: "Thank you for doctors fix Grandad's heart." (In her great broken English)

Tyler: "Thank you for Grandad all better and for this great day."

Then they kept praying...for the dogs and for the guy that Dad was playing with at his game tonight and for aunt's and uncles and for Mimi.

I sat there and leaked tears of joy....tears of gratefulness for the tender hearts of my children who so sincerely prayed...and for children who recognized who the great "doctor" is that fixed their Grandad's heart....without any prompting from me!!

It was amazing.

Now I have to go stop the food fight that I'm sure is going on....I just HAD to blog this before I forgot the details!!

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JLF said...

That made me tear up ... Heavenly girl. I am so thrilled for your Dad too. Is he home? Prayers from their sweet lips are amazing and so pure. Did you have the chance to pick up The Shack yet? I hope you read it soon! Lemme know what you think!