Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Kindergarten...Day 3

I'm about ready to quit. If I hadn't made the commitment to stick this out until the end of next week...I would have quit today.

We left the house 45 minutes ideally arrive 10-15 minutes early. But, since we had tropical storm Fay yesterday and some places got 5-8" of rain...traffic was bumper-to-bumper....stop-n-go for 10 miles!!! So here's how it went:

45 minutes early + heavy, ridiculous traffic = 1 hour, 35 minutes of driving = 45 minutes LATE to school.

There are too many emotions wrapped up in my heart right now about what I am doing. I'll stick it out until the end of next week....then we'll see.

Why next week? Because I won't have a normal "commuting" schedule until that will give me 3 days of pure h*ll (because I'm only in 1/2 H*LL now)...before I decide to keep them home and pretend they are 4....forever!

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