Monday, August 4, 2008

Kids - wrap up

So they are back. And it was a lot of fun to see them again and to hear all about their week...but I would have been ok with a clean & quiet house for a couple of more days! :O)

Lisa didn't take any pictures while they were there...too busy keeping track of it's hard or something! So I'm including a quick picture of the kids with Aunt Lisa & Uncle Louis ice skating the last day. The kids did really good, but only lasted about 45 minutes at the most. Other events of the week included:
*a total of 3 zaps by the electric fence (no injuries...just more awareness!)
*riding horses (the girls were learning to ride by themselves too!)
*cleaning stalls
*feeding chickens and collecting eggs
*eating at Red Robin and getting balloons
*Chuck E Cheese
*Swimming with new friends
*Not a lot of sleep...regardless of the long and busy days!

Lisa & Louis survived great and everyone had a blast. Kids can't wait to do it again next year! I asked Lisa if the week had resulted in continued birth control or an aching uterus!! She answered with a very convincing "birth control!!"
Notice how Lisa looks like SHE should be the mom!! Everyone thinks the girls are hers.

Yesterday we went to the mall and these are the differences from last week to this week:

This weekend at the mall:
*Stroller for whoever was whiny enough to need it...and to carry all the bags
*3 kids wanting to "help" push the stroller...but not being able to, so I was tripping over them
*3 different bathroom breaks....I understand I have a child with bowel issues...but it still doesn't make it easier!
*A repeated reminder to the kids that we are not shopping for them...we are shopping for, you can't have that or that or that...your birthday is coming...remember to ask for it!
*Chasing down Amber who decided her hearing aids weren't working and wouldn't wear them...but then she'd keep walking and not know that we were stopping...and she couldn't hear us...
*"I'm tired", "I'm hungry" "I want that" "Mom, she's in my way" "Mom, he won't move" "I want to sit in the I Want to sit in the it's MY turn!" "Look at the girls funny red hair! (Said to a tall thin woman dressed in all black except her punk RED hair)"
Last week at the mall:

*No stroller
*No bag of snacks
*No children to get out of people's way
*No explaining "rules" before walking into every store
*No bathroom breaks
*No apologizing to people who just got broadsided by a kid not paying attention
*No telling " can't have that"
*quiet - the ability to get lost and go into breakable shops - focus
As nice as it was to have a quiet and clean house, when they returned it felt "normal" again. Chaos and all. My children are the greatest worldly gift I have received. I wouldn't trade them for the world and I am thankful for the time that God allows me to have with them.

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