Tuesday, August 19, 2008

I'm done...

....today, I'm done being mom. They have been emotionally unstable all day. So I decided to hit the library to find some books....

Why? Why even attempt to take them out in public when they are like this? Amber cried about wanting a horse book...no people in it, no other animals...only horse pictures. So I searched and searched...only for her to follow me whining about it the whole time. Then finding all three kids pounding on the keyboards of the computers....nice.

Then I had to go to Target for 2 things....2 things!!! The whole time the girls are whining about their shoes hurting their feet (probably because the shoes are too small, plus they decided to wear tights...thick, winter tights today)...so finally I said..."Fine, take them off and carry them."

Then it happened....The Target employee approached me...."Ma'am...they HAVE to wear their shoes. People drop glass around here all the time and they could cut their feet."

I don't know the last time I've seen a pile of glass at Target...or even been in a store when someone has dropped something...I was willing to take my chances. But instead, I looked at him, tight lipped and said, "Then YOU tell her."

He then bent down to Amber...who had handed me her hearing aids 5 minutes earlier...so she's totally deaf for the most part....and he said, "Sweetie, you need to put your shoes on...." I was being mean...I know...because then she looked at me like, "What did he just say...?" So I had to interpret for her. I hope he felt stupid. I do...I know that's not the right attitude...but that was my attitude!!

I really wanted to say, "How dare you insult my parenting. I know the hazards of walking around tight-footed. Maybe next time they'll chose different shoes!!"

Then he stood there and made sure they all put their shoes on...and as I walked off it took everything I had not to cry...deep breaths, and lots of blinking. And then, at the check out counter the lady behind me...trying to be funny...was commenting on my kids and how cute...blah blah blah...then she said...."You know the rule, right? You can't stop at an even number." I really wanted to shoot daggers at her, and laughed and just said, "Well, God will have to make that one happen because I'm not going to!"

I'm done today.


Heather said...

You are my hero I love you sis

Naomi said...

I totally felt your pain when I read this!!
I've had some pretty horrifying library experiences too.
Oh and the Target employee. I think you should have said "well I HOPE they DO step on some glass. That would teach them a valuable lesson."
I hate it when people in stores like to act like they're helping me out when they say stuff like "oh did you know your kids are not buckled?" Ofcourse I knew. I didn't care either. Or "Oh did you know your daughter needs her nose wiped?" Yep. Didn't care.
You go through all this because one day, when you don't have any kids with you, you will be an invincable woman!

Naomi said...
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