Saturday, August 9, 2008

A good night for baseball...

The kids had a late nap last night so instead of staying home while Eric played his late game, we all tagged along with him. The kids will always stop what they are doing and come watch Eric bat in hopes that he'll slide into a base...they are always disappointed if that doesn't happen. And Eric, being the loving dad that he is, will purposely slide sometimes just to make his kids happy

(I'm going to enter this pic in the contest Holly talks about. Sorry Holly! Your pic is SO different I thought I'd give it a shot! It's just fun! Thanks for the idea! *Photo Contest*)

One of their favorite things is to run the bases after Eric's game if there isn't a game immediately following. Last night they were practicing sliding. Watch the video....Tyler's is my favorite!



Holly said...

what an amazing photo.
I'd tell you to enter it into that contest I'm in but I don't want you to beat me ;-)

Anonymous said...

I love the lighting on this and how everyone is enthralled in the game. Great photo!

Anonymous said...

This is an AWESOME shot!! Very cool. I love the theme and the setting and the colors... good luck!!

God bless-

JLF said...

Super fabulous Stace! What an awesome photo ... you've got to blow that up and frame it ... like those other photos you had of the girls on the landing into your basement ... where they black and white? Good job girl. The video is hilarious! Does Eric miss the base like that too?!?

When is the official start of school? I'll be praying.