Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Curse of the phone calls

What is it today? I understand that we, as moms, joke about the fact that our kids can be perfectly happy up until the time that the phone rings or we pick up the phone to call someone....then all hell breaks loose.

But today....it's INSANE!!! It's past the comical stage. Now I just want to swear like a sailor at them....I don't...but I want to!!

It's either a "potty issue" or a "toy issue" or a "she hit me" issue or a "He won't let me play" issue or a "I can't put my shoes on" issue or a "Tyler hit me in the face with his bat" issue, or a "I can't open the back door" issue, or a "I want a snack" issue or "Camryn's wearing my shoes" issue...and the list goes on...and these are just some of the issues from TODAY!!!! And believe it or not I haven't been on the phone an excessive amount!!

And for some reason...no matter how often I try to teach them...they are incapable of coming to me in a calm manner and telling me what's going on. It's like it's physically impossible! I can hear the shrills from across the house and I KNOW it's coming!!! So it only gets louder and louder until the poor person on the other end of the phone is now in the middle of whatever is going on also.

I've even tried sneaking into my room to make a call and it's like they can sense it!! But today it's insane.

If my sister weren't in the middle of moving and needing my "internet help" and if my dad weren't in the hospital waiting heart surgery...I'd unplug the phone...just so it couldn't be used!!!


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