Friday, August 29, 2008

continuing saga

I know I have moaned a lot this week and I apologize to you who are tired of me. But I have one more...and then hopefully I'll be done.

On the ONE letter I received from Camryn's school, she had an open house from 8:30 - 9:30 this morning. So I figured that was all she had today. And last night when her teacher called to introduce herself...I doubled checked...I said, "It's only 8:30 - 9:30 tomorrow morning, right?" and she said , "Yes, that's right...see you then."

So today, when I arrived, I find out that it's a full day of school. I won't go into my complete conversation with the teacher....part of which I reminded, her ever so politely of course, that I asked her specifically aobut the time last night. (***SIGH....GRUNT...MOAN***) So I sat and read books with Camryn for 45 minutes and then she and I left. I told the teacher since we came completely NOT prepared for a day of school, that Camryn would return on Tuesday...late...after her dr. appointment.

Seriously. we never received a list of...people had. I guess we were supposed to KNOW that you could find the list online.

I'm a bit frustrated.

On the other was the first day that Amber walked into her class without me dragging her...and she was playing when i left...not crying and clinging!! It was great. Almost made up for the rest of my morning!


JLF said...

AH, that is so freakin' frustrating! I am not sick of hearing about it girl ... keep on keepin' on ... I am here and ready to listen.

Naomi said...

I really feel bad for you. Getting your kids into kindergarten is usually something that relieves stress and frees up your time. It seems to be doing the opposite for you. I really admire your decision to do what's best for your kids even though it is incredibly inconvenient for you. It makes me wonder if I am doing what's best for my kids, or if I am just doing what gets them off of my hands for a while. It's really making me think.