Sunday, August 31, 2008

Alter Call

Our church service was in Spanish today. Translated into English. The pastor of the Spanish ministry that meets at this church presented our sermon today, with the rest of his congregation meeting in our service also.

I wasn't too sure about it at first, but it was really good. Even Eric really enjoyed it. By the end, I could even understand some of the Spanish!

He talked about being satisfied in God's goodness.

But my favorite part, and the part that actually choked me up, was the alter call at the end. I just watched the people come forward. One gentleman gave his life to Christ and the excitement was all over his face. Another couple came forward and gave their life to Christ also, together, as a couple. (The pastor told us about those two afterwards). A number of different people came down for prayer.

One couple caught my eye. A more mature couple, maybe in thier late 50s. Walking down the isle hand in hand. With determination and uncertainty and a bit of fear on their face. Yet coming down together, as one. As they approached the elder to share thier story, I saw a friend of theirs come and meet them and put her arms around the couple and pray with them. After the prayer there were tears wiped away and hugs given...especially to the man. As the man and his wife walked back up the aisle, there were handshakes to the man and hugs to them both.

I couldn't help but wonder what their story was. Is he sick? Did he lose someone? People seemed to be attentive to both, but more so to the man. And as I watched from a distance I was touched by the love of the people who surrounded them, and the love and support the couple had for each other which was so obvious.

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