Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1st Day of Kindergarten

It was great and no one cried. I'm still working out school times...I can't get the same answer twice about anything...maybe it's because I have 2 different schools I'm dealing with and I'm just confused. The girls were both giddy when I picked them up and had a great time.

My big complaint about it...from the time I left the house to go pick them up...to the time I got home...was 2 1/2 hours!!! Most of that was spent waiting in the stupid pick-up line in the car. Then I was late picking up Amber because they told me the wrong time for Camryn. Then when I asked if I could just go inside and get her each day I was told "no"...I'd just have to be first in line in the car pick-up line. I was there 20 minutes early and already I was probably #23 in line...I'm not going to sit for an hour just to be first....let's make my pick-up routine 3 hours!!!
Today was harder. Camryn's school has a staggered entry...so she only went to school yesterday and will start next week officially. Amber starts full speed this week and she cried hard when I left her...not to mention I was 15 minutes late dropping her off because the time-thing was not explained well to me. (*&#^#$%

Then I went to kickboxing and realized that if you watch yourself in the mirror, it's like you're boxing yourself...which gives you a good visual for where your punches are supposed to land...but then I found myself taking out my own emotions on myself (if that makes sense)...and I felt like I was hitting myself and beating myself up because of the whole school thing. I had to stop looking in the mirror.

Anyway...enough with that...here's a couple pictures of the girls yesterday...when we were all happy!


JLF said...

Wow, the car pick up thing sounds like a huge pain in the arse! How was Tyler? Did he miss the girls? I remember thinking the 2nd day was more tough because the kids start to realize, oh ... I'm going everyday ... hmmmm. It'll settle down. Love the picture of you kickboxing, made me giggle. You are an amazing mom!

Holly said...

and yeah, what a pain!

Naomi said...

I think you need to find a picture of whoever came up with the car pickup system to kickbox in front of.

Stacy G. said...

Naomi - I'll take my camera today and then I'll just print it out and tape it to the mirror in class...great idea!!