Friday, July 25, 2008


I am not the most organized person, nor the most structured person. We don't have a ton of specific routines in our hour-by-hour schedule. But it works for us. My kids are behaved for the most part, they are fed, laundry gets done eventually if I really work at it. They sleep at night and we manage just fine. But recently I've noticed the "routines" that we've gotten into...let me lay a couple of them out for you.

Saying good-bye to dad in the morning (if they happen to wake up before he leaves):
1) Drag mom out of bed so she can stand outside with the kids
2) Run outside with dad, open his car door
3) Dad gets in car...just about tripping over everyone because they won't move
4) Once dad is sitting down, give dad a hug, say "Bye Dad, I love you"
5) Kids close the car door...NOT dad.
6) Dad rolls down window and each kid gives a high-five then nuckles
7) Go stand by mom and wave and yell "BYE BYE DAD I LOVE YOU...HAVE A GOOD DAY!"

Leaving the house to go anywhere
1) Go potty...or at least try
2) Get the 2 toys you want to take in the car with you....if you put 10 toys inside a box, this does not count as one.
3) Wait by the garage door for mom to push the button
4) Let the toys "ride" the door up
5) Have mom tell us 5 times to get in the car
6) Try switching seats to see if mom cares today...she does...switch into our own seats
7) While getting buckled, throw a fit that we forgot our so graciously goes and gets them.
8) leave

Getting out of the car when we've returned
1) Have mom tell us 3 times to get all the toys we brought and take our shoes with us.
2) Someone needs to fall out of the car or get pushed or drop a toy under the car that makes mom go get it. (This isn't always...but occasionally)
3) Whine that we are tired and want mom to carry us
4) Go stand just inside the garage so the toys can "Ride" down the door.
5) Drop toys and shoes in the laundry room on the way in so mom can trip on all of them while carrying her bags in.
6) Go back and pick up toys in laundry room and put them away...don't forget the shoes.

1) Go from throwing fits because we are so tired, to putting our pajamas on and acting like mom just fed us a bowl of sugar
2) Bounce of the walls, chase each other around.
3) Whine about picking up toys
4) Go to the farthest point in the house from the room and ask for a "running" piggy back ride.
5) Go find "night-nights" (special blankets)
6) cry because we can't find them (If we'd just learn to leave them in our room like mom tells us we'd know just where they are)
7) Mom found them...ask for another piggy back ride...cry when she says no.
8) Get in bed, ask for already got it for us
9) "Mom - we forgot to brush our teeth!"
10) out of bed...brush our teeth...try for another piggy back ride...(NO!)
11) Once in bed ask mom to sing "Tiger on the bus" (tickling game) maybe another song or two. "Get" mom...hold her arms so she bounces us around...then get her neck so she can't get free (They think it's hysterical). Say prayers. I LOVE YOU MOM!
12) Repeat when dad comes in.
13) Wait 5 minutes and then come out of the room to "go to the bathroom" or because you can't find your water or because mom didn't close the door softly so she needs to do it again.

How did it get to this?!

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