Thursday, July 24, 2008

My girls

I love lately how my girls have played so amazingly together. Tyler too, but right now he's still sleeping because he's got a nasty cough and is getting sick.

My girls woke up this morning and immediately started playing together. One has a plastic horse, one as a plastic cow, and they are completely content.

As rough as my introduction to motherhood was, it really has so many benefits right now. Now that they are older and I feel like I have triplets at times, it's a beautiful thing. They are each others best friends. And at times like these, I don't care that we have triple-time-outs at times.

God has blessed me in ways I would have never considered "blessings" when I was younger. I'm so greatful He knows what He's doing and that He knows what I need.

Thank you Jesus ,for a family I never thought I would want, but you knew I always needed.

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