Wednesday, July 23, 2008

"Mommas Time"

This is a daily event that we have had in place since early on. But, naturally, as they get older, it morfs, but I stand strong.....this is not "Momma make the beds-time" or "Momma, break up the fight-time" or "Momma find the toy-time" or "Momma put kids back in their rooms 12 times for the fun of it-time".

Camryn called to me at one point today:

Camryn: "Mom, come here and look really quick"
Mom: "Do I have to kill it?"
Camryn: "No."...said with a giggle like I was joking.
Camryn: "Can you make our beds?"
...not just make the beds, but put the mattress back on the box spring! What do they do in there?!

I've been sick for the last couple of days. The first day I laid on the couch as much as I could. The 2nd day I felt pretty good, but today, I'm in between. Enough to feel "Blah", but not enough to justify laying around all day. So I just really want to whine....hence my rambles.

I'm going to go get strawberries and whip cream and watch a chick flick and fold laundry...that way I'm being productive and lazy at the same time!

Countdown....4 days until all 3 kids go to Aunt Lisa & Uncle Louis' for 5 days!!!

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