Tuesday, July 8, 2008


No, not me silly! The weather! Actually it's not hot...only 85, but it is the most humid of the days since we've been here...and I was walking around in jeans and a silk tank...I'm currently waiting for Tyler to wake up so we can go to the pool!

My dear new friend, Kristie, watched 2 of my kids today so I could take Amber to the audiologist. I love that God provided a friend so quickly that I can do kid-swapping with! So nice!

I also loved the audiologist I talked to today. In so many ways she affirmed what I was doing and what I wanted to do...without me giving her all my thoughts, it's like she was reading them. It was so encouraging I wanted to cry and give her a great big hug...instead I think I'll just send her a thank you email! It made me feel not so defeated and blind in what I'm doing.

Eric's got a softball game tonight....if it's early, maybe we'll all go...if not, maybe I'll put the kids down and have a beer!

Ok - I should go unload all my groceries and get dinner started!! I so want a personal chef!

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Holly said...

I SOOO love doctors like that!