Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I finally got the girls new glasses. Amber's lenses kept falling out and Camryn kept telling me her's were too fuzzy. So I decided that if I was going to teach them how to read this summer it was only fair they could see and hear. So with slightly increased prescriptions and new frames...this is what we have.

Amber & Camryn
The funny thing is that Eric and I think they look more alike now than ever. I think it's because they switched frame styles. Amber used to have the thin wire frames and Camryn had the trendy ones. But since Amber has such thick glasses she needed new frames that would hold them. (Plus I spent a bit more money to get her better lenses that aren't as bulging.) Amber's are now a cute brownish/orange and Camryn chose the pretty purple ones.
Aren't they cute?

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JLF said...

I can hardly believe how big they look ... all grown up, sassy glasses and ready to read ... amazing.gakkt