Monday, July 21, 2008

Friday Night Date

I love when I get to have dates with my husband. Since we've moved here I don't get many. Last Thursday Eric called and said one of the gals in his office had volunteered to watch our kids on Friday, plus he thought he could get lawn seats for the Brad Paisley concert. Brad Paisley is a famous country singer right now...if you're not into country, you may not know him. But I've always wanted to go see him in concert.

Anyway, I didn't hesitate. So Friday I went out and bought a new pair of Lucky jeans and a new top, because literally all but 2 of my jeans have holes in the knees from floor-time with the kids. And because Eric is in the music industry, it's always good to know people, or to know people who know people. So, because of his connections, we got in to the VIP section of the concert, bar, grill...just a much smaller crowd, and you can watch the opening acts from there instead of sitting in the sun that long. Plus, because of another concert, we got actual seats, instead of grass AND...we got to go backstage and meet Jewel....if you're not a country fan, you may still know Jewel...she's trying to get into the country music scene and was opening up for Brad. Anyway...we got our pictures taken with her!

The concert was great and the time with Eric was wonderful.


Holly said...

now that's a cool date!

JLF said...

You sassy beautiful girl! Yea, Eric looks good too ... but you little sass-pot, look fabulous! How much fun!!!