Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day and 1/2 later

Still quiet....still clean!! Yesterday I spent the day cleaning bathrooms and kid bedrooms. Not just picking up...spot cleaning carpets, cleaning walls, rearranging furniture, washing sheets/rugs, vacuuming around the floor boards and floors and dusting. I love walking down my hall and seeing them clean!!

Today I slept in until 9! Then I made myself a latte and sat outside until it started raining. Then I cleaned the kitchen, scrubbed the floor, did some ironing, then started on the office. I'm currently going through file folders and have an ankle-high pile of paper on the floor...and I'm not done yet.

Last night Eric and I went out to dinner and walked around. Guess what...!? We are doing it again tonight too!!! AHH!!! And we are going to see a movie. Tomorrow we are going to breakfast before we drop his car off and then I take him to work. Then tomorrow is my play day! I've worked hard and I want to enjoy a day too!! Tomorrow I want to find little antique shops and shops with breakable things in it....places I would never take 3 kids into! Yea!! I'll let you know how it goes.

I asked my mom if it was bad if I don't get to the point of missing my kids this week. She said it used to take her a week of being alone before missing everyone! I know my kids are having a blast...that makes it easy to enjoy my clean house and not worry about them or feel lonely!! :O) heehee!!

...until then...back to the files!!


JLF said...

Oooooohhh, I can't wait to hear about the antique shops you found!!! Fabulous! Enjoy every moment! What movie did you see ... were you naked? Ha. :)

Stacy G. said...

I was tempted to go the movie naked, but I didn't think they would let me in...plus it'd get cold...you know how those theaters can be!!