Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Day 2!

Still quiet...still clean!!! **sigh** :O) I had a lovely Mexican dinner with my husband last night and we caught a late movie. We saw "Get Smart"...I didn't know what to expect, but it was fabulously my favorite silly humor way! A good laugh!

This morning we got up early and dropped his car off to get inspected and then we went to Panera and had a bagel and coffee!! Eric's working from home this morning. I'm going to work in the office some more...because it's turning into a big project! I've left a message about possibly getting my hair cut today, and I still plan on finding non-kid-friendly stores to go into later today!! heehee!!

Eric says I'm enjoying being kidless a little too much this week. :O) But I say, they are happy and having fun and there have been no more electric fence they got to go to Red Robin yesterday...which means Tyler got a balloon....My brother-in-law said he's never seen a balloon make someone SO happy. that's my boy.

*sigh*...and my house remains clean!!! That's my favorite part! I haven't even left the house until this morning....2 straight day so of being inside my house...and it was lovely and quiet...AND CLEAN!! hahahahahaha!!!!


the AB club said...

I can't even remember what it's like to have a house stay picked up longer than 30 minutes. Enjoy you kidless times.

JLF said...

Really?!? He loved a balloon? Wow, shocking. ;)

Sarah said...

My mom and dad took Elise for the morning last Friday and man was it nice. I did errands and didn't have to load and unload Elise. I drove with all the car window down and the music up LOUD! It was great. Hope you continue to enjoy your time!