Monday, July 7, 2008

"Camp" is coming!

My sister and her husband...the ones with the horses....asked if the kids could spend a few days with them!!! Uhhhh...YEAH!!!! And given my morning of whining, arguing, fighting, fits, pouting, ignoring...this weekend couldn't come quick enough!!

We will go over on Saturday for a pig roast to celebrate Louis' graduation from Ranger School. Then Eric and I will come back without kids...without car seats...without fighting...without arguing...without midnight snacks and potty breaks...without time outs....!!!

He and I can have a date night. I can clean and it will stay clean. I can sleep in or go to Target and get lost in the isles!

Change of I was typing, Lisa called and said we'd have to wait 2 weeks because of their schedule. OK...deep's fine...2 weeks isn't bad. Of course I've already told the kids 5 days....good thing they don't have much of a concept of number of days yet!

Still - I love that Lisa & Louis want to spend this time with the kids. It will be great for everyone.

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